Happy Thanksgiving to you! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to pass along the following message.

Earlier this week I and my family went to a movie. In one of the commercials, a statistic was mentioned:

The average family spends 37 minutes a day with each other.

37 minutes.  Out of 1440 minutes. 2.6% of the day.

I thought we had families in order to be with each other. To talk together. To laugh together. For parents to model Character, Faith and Love for each other, and for their children. How in the world can we do that effectively…

…in 37 minutes a day?

The bad news is that we cannot. The good news is that we can start to change that TODAY.

At Lead Today, one of the modules that we coach in our curriculum is how better to Lead Self. My challenge to everyone reading this is to decide to lead yourself better today by doing the following actions:

– put down your cellphone.
– turn off the TV.
– sit down with members of your family and have a real, honest and meaningful conversation.

Trust me: time will fly by. Not only will you finish today having been inspired and refreshed, but your family members will, too. You will have created a life-long memory for each person involved. And you will realize that you were able to make a true, positive impact on everyone, because you made the DECISION to spend more than 37 minutes with them today.

Now quit reading this and go spend – no, make that Invest – some time with your family. Make this your best Thanksgiving Day ever!