Praise for SubmUrgency

“Several months ago I met Scott Kimbro at an event. He spoke to his audience with passion about pursuing his dream despite the opinion of family and friends. He wrote an inspiring, transparent book which helped me to change the way I think about failure, taking chances and living life more fully. A simple read with simple action steps that will help you live life without regret. I highly recommend for your summer reading.”

Marcy Cox


“Just do it! This book shows you how to change your life by taking action on the very event that is right in front of you – and don’t hesitate.”

Brian Tracy

Author / Speaker – “The Power of Self-Confidence”

“This book is rich with stories, and powerful reminders of the most important things in life and success.  Uniquely written, simple to read, and everyone on the journey to a better life will find nuggets to better their effectiveness in this world.  Every once in a decade a new book comes out that changes an industry.  SubmUrgency is that book for this decade.  Scott has pulled together the steps to go from where you are to where you want to be.  It’s almost like Scott takes you back over the last 100 years of great writers on business and success, that have impacted and changed millions of peoples’ lives and put it all in one book.  Congratulations, Scott.  This is a fantastic work of art.”

Dale McNelly

“SubmUrgency is a modern-day narrative of subtle insights for how to make the most out of life when subversive obstacles are placed in your path. Whether you currently are a hungry student maneuvering your way through what society tells you to focus on, or a loving parent who is preparing children for their life’s journey, or an entrepreneur jockeying for new success, this book will subtlety educate and directly inspire your sub-consciousness to choose better solutions. Life teaches us all hard lessons, Subjective experiences form our opinions. SubmUrgency will help you bridge the gap between where you are, what is holding you back and where you could be. Deep yet understandable. Funny yet serious. SubmUrgency is sublime.”

Adam Green

President, G3 Development

“Nearly a decade ago, my wife Suzanne and I met a wonderful couple with whom we immediately bonded. It’s amazing how quickly that can happen when people share the same values and believe in a higher purpose and higher guidance. Scott and Mary Evelyn Kimbro were those people and we became fast friends. At the time, we were all in the same network marketing company in which I was a multi-million dollar earner. We were thrilled and proud as we watched Scott and Mary Evelyn work, stretch, develop and grow both personally and in terms of their business. When the day arrived that Scott and Mary Evelyn achieved the “Diamond” level in our mutual business, we were ecstatic for them… and entirely unsurprised. Life will ALWAYS be “lifeing” at us with its many distractions but Scott and Mary Evelyn knew where they were going and they didn’t let anything stop them. Scott is a wonderful teacher with tremendous insight. It’s a natural progression that he would write this fabulous book! Success leaves clues. If you want to be successful at something, follow the example of someone who has already attained the success you seek. They know the path… a path which Scott clearly and vividly lays out for you. Enjoy!”

Paul Engemann

Network Marketing Professional / Multi-Million Dollar Earner

“This book is excellent! I couldn’t stop reading it. One story after another inspired me to read the next. In addition it reminds everyone that we need to “do it now”. A great book for CEO’s, sales managers, sales people and entrepreneurs. I guarantee you will enjoy it!”

Dr. Tom Black

Author Box Car Millionaire

“This book is a must read! My company has served the Direct Selling industry for more than 30 years. This book helps fill a massive need in our industry. The fact that not everyone can recognize the opportunities that lead to success that are sometimes right in front of us. In this book, Scott masterfully teaches us through his own experiences how we can learn to recognize (and help others recognize) these opportunities that will help us live and die without regret!”

JJ Oswald

Sound Concepts, Owner

I especially enjoyed reading the portion about “thinking outside of the box. I’d long contended that that is just a bunch of useless rah-rah sloganeering and sophistry. It’s impossible to think “outside of the box.” One’s thoughts are the sum total of one’s life experiences and contemplations. Now, I could go a little further with this and bring Eastern Orthodox theology into the mix, but I think the central part of my assertion holds. You can’t just have someone with no training say, “think outside the box” and design a new more efficient jet engine, for instance.

Now, there are discoveries and breakthroughs made by motivated amateurs, but still, they have some type of self-training and training from others in whatever field they make their breakthrough. I agree with you: one must expand one’s box. I worked a job some years ago and the owner of the company would say that: “think outside of the box!”

Here’s what I think of that: I think some trot out aphorisms like that as it makes them feel as though they’re giving some great advice. In reality, they’re saying nothing of genuine value. It’s because of these things, I believe your book does have real value. It addresses issues head-on and just doesn’t advise to keep some Pollyanna-ish self-affirmation rattling around in one’s head. Submurgencies do become urgencies eventually. That is very true!

John Evosevic

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I am Scott Kimbro, a man who loves to teach. I am a Christian, husband, father, author, inspirational speaker and teacher. I, my wife, and our two daughters live in Spring Hill, Tennessee. My professional background includes accounting, banking, various managerial positions and entrepreneur of both traditional and network marketing companies.

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