Let me ask you a question:

Do you have any secrets?

No, I do not mean the present that you are hiding in the closet for your child’s next birthday.

I also do not mean the trip that you have arranged as a surprise anniversary getaway with your spouse.

I mean those OTHER secrets. The ones that – if someone should discover – would harm you, your reputation, your standing in the community.

I loved what I heard the other night while watching the TV show “Ransom”:

“It’s a misconception: we don’t bury our secrets when we die. They bury us when we’re alive.”

It is true. When you have secrets, they weigh you down. You walk through your life on eggshells: always watching what you say, and to whom, to make sure that you do not accidentally “spill the beans.”

Your energy drops. You are more moody, more easily frustrated, and constantly grumpy.

You have a hard time enjoying the areas of life that used to bring you joy. In other words…

…you are living a Less-Than-Your-Best life.

That leads me to another question:


I understand that – on a rare occasion – it might actually be in the best interest of someone else to hold something back from another. The challenge with that is knowing when that is the TRUTH, or just an EXCUSE.

When you choose not to have secrets (and it is a CHOICE), here is what you will discover:

– more Peace;
– better sleep;
– more energy;
– deeper relationships;
– more creativity, and;
– a clear conscience.

There are many other benefits as well – many more than any perceived “benefits” from having secrets.

Today I want to challenge you to do two things:

1 – Think through any secrets you may be keeping from someone, and weigh the benefits of “coming clean” with the constant weight of keeping them to yourself, and;

2 – Decide today to start being more transparent. Stop keeping secrets from others from this day forward.

You – and those with whom you are in relationship – will be glad that you did.

You can do it. I believe in you!