A few years ago, our family started watching America’s Got Talent. Though a few contestants were only there for shock value, most of them displayed an amazing amount of talent in many diverse areas. Whether they were singers, ventriloquists, magicians or musicians, they were the best of the best.

Recently – during AGT’s off-season – a new version has been airing. It is called America’s Got Talent: The Champions. In this version, AGT has invited some previous winners of the American version, some international winners (as there are actually 59 versions of Got Talent around the world), and some popular contestants who did not win when they previously competed.

I was watching an episode the other night when a lady answered a question from the host. Her answer was extremely inspiring.

The woman’s name is Susan Boyle. She was the runner-up of the 2009 Britain’s Got Talent competition. She is from Scotland, and has an amazing voice. She was asked this question:

“Do you consider yourself to be a champion?” (Keep in mind that she did NOT win her competition in 2009.)

Her response:

“I consider myself to be a champion for those who don’t have the confidence to do things. For those who don’t have a voice. The ones who people tend to ignore. I feel I’m a champion for them.”


If I had finished second in a competition like that, and I was given the opportunity to win again in a show like that, I would probably have expressed supreme confidence in myself. I would possibly have touted how much better I had gotten in the last decade.

I most likely would NOT have given such a humble answer as Susan Boyle did.

When I heard her say this, it made me realize something. As an author and speaker – and even here in my blog posts – I have the opportunity to be a champion for others. For those who do lack the confidence to do things. For those who do not have a voice, a stage, a platform from which they could impact the lives of many people.

How about you? You might be thinking that you lack the confidence, or that you do not have a voice or stage. Guess what?

YOU DO. It is called YOUR LIFE.

Everyone with whom you come in contact – your spouse, your children, your co-workers, your neighbors (and even strangers) – everyone can be impacted by you. By your words of encouragement. By your kindness. By your generosity.

YOU can be a champion of others…

if you CHOOSE to be.

Start today. Decide to be somebody’s Champion by being the very best version of yourself.

You can do it. I believe in you, Champion!