(As I and my family are celebrating Thanksgiving Week, here is one of my favorite previous posts.  Happy Thanksgiving Week to you and yours!)

Let’s talk briefly about Character. I have heard it said that, “Reputation is what others think of you; Character is what you really are.” On more than one occasion I have wondered what someone else was thinking when I observed what appeared to be an action that was “out of character” by a friend of mine – only to discover later that there was much more to the story. You see, I stopped caring what others think of me years ago. Once I realized that “they” were not going to parent my children, pay my bills, or go to the voting booth on my behalf, I chose to live life according to the values that I have.

For those of you who are entrepreneurs, you own your own business. Did you hear me? YOU own your own business. If your “friends” try to put you down for having a Dream – and working for it – do NOT give in! If they tell you that you made a wrong or bad decision for choosing to own a business, just ask them why they feel that way. Once they tell you their “reason” (usually a botched effort on their part to create success with their own business), just tell them that their lack of success will not sway you from your decision – and Commitment – to succeed.

THAT is Character.

Decide today to live the rest of your life caring more about how to hit your Goals and how to make your Dreams come true than you do about what other people think about how you do it.

Be Bold.

Be a Leader.

Be a person of Character!