Have you ever eaten at a restaurant that you just loved? Maybe they had a certain entree or dessert that was unlike anything you had ever experienced. You absolutely looked forward to the next time that you enjoyed another meal there.

And then one day they closed.

I do not mean they moved down the street, or to the next town. They closed every one of their locations in your state. Your hopes are dashed. You truly believe that those tasty items are gone forever.

Then one day it happens: either they reopen a location in your town, or you end up on a trip to a town that has one of their locations. You go in, order your favorite meal…and it is as incredible as you remember.

It truly does feel good to find what was lost.

The same can be said of lost money. Or a lost or broken relationship – even if that relationship is with God. It can be returning to good health after a serious health setback or scare.

No matter the area of life, when you find something that was lost, it feels good.

Many times, it actually feels GREAT.

Sometimes – as in the restaurant example in which the company rebuilds a location in your town – you are just lucky. The same holds true when you put your hand into your recently washed jeans and find a wadded up $20 bill.

Many times, however, things that are lost do not come back to you out of luck. You have to GO FIND THEM.

Broken relationships many times can be mended – IF one party seeks out the other. Stubbornness has kept former friends apart a lot more than a difference of opinion.

Woodrow Wilson once said:

“If you lose your Wealth, you’ve lost nothing;
If you lose your Health, you’ve lost a lot;
But if you lose your Character, you’ve lost everything.”

Ask yourself today, “What have I lost?” Then decide to do something to go get it back.

Who knows? This time the meal may taste even better.